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The root word of YOGA means to JOIN. We Are Yoga reminds us that we are joined; we are connected; we work together on many levels, with ourselves and with others; mind and body, heart & lungs, person to person, and group to group…We Are Yoga


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Slow down and go deeper, into muscles, ligaments, and your practice. This 1 hour class will begin with a warm up sequence to move the body around, getting the kinks out. The remain... more

Classical Hatha Yoga practices that are remedial and assist in the reduction of pain, spasming, rigidity, stress, and increase abdominal tone, while deepening your awareness of you... more


Move through beginners postures to some fun, but never over the top music. New to advanced students welcome. The instructor will be practicing with you while providing corrections ... more


Ballet meets yoga in a fabulous way! We are shakin' it up a little in this class. Move around, feel good, and have fun! This class is approx. 75 minutes and you will warm up natura... more

WAYcation yoga

BikramWAY (90min)
Class is a series of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises practiced in a heated room. Each class is led by a Bikram Certified Instructor and is 90 minutes long. This class will wo... more

Blend of beginners series with instruction on more advanced postures such as hip openers, arm balancing and inversions. The class is 90 minutes and the room is heated.... more

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