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We Are Yoga is more than just a studio, we are a community of people supporting one another on a holistic health and wellness journey. With so much drama in the world, we choose not to get caught up in it, and focus on our YOGA. We Are Yoga is here to REMIND you to NEVER GIVE UP on your YOGA and that Health is wealth, and AWARENESS is key.

The root word of YOGA means to JOIN. We Are Yoga reminds us that WE ARE JOINED. WE ARE CONNECTED. WE WORK TOGETHER on many levels, with ourselves and with others; mind & body, heart & lungs, person to person, group to group, and country to country… We Are Yoga


WAY supports ALL YOGA: students, teachers, schools, clubs, sports, organizations, federations and MORE — because YOGA works

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beginners 26&2



A classic Bikram posture class designed to introduce new yogis while invigorating more experienced yogis as well.


Bikram postures with some good music and good vibes to build your strength and flexibility.


Barre combines dance, yoga, and pilates to strengthen your entire body. Class is finished with a yin stretching session. 


and here's why you will too

Greater Flexibility

Increased Circulation

Less Injury Risk

Burns more calories

Detoxifying & Beneficial

for Lymphatic System

Builds stronger Immune System

Pushing through a hot yoga class gives mental and emotional clarity and strength

introductory offer


$29 FOR 14 days

The best way to get started is to purchase our intro special for 2 weeks of unlimited yoga and a free WAYmat rental. We challenge you to come 4-6+ times in your first couple weeks! You can do it! 

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The WAYmat is an all in one towel + yoga mat that can be used anywhere in any WAY and then tossed in the washing machine for easy cleaning. You’ll see the mat used in the hot room, at the beach, by the pool, because the WAYmat is ready for anything! 

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Thanks! We look forward to connecting.


138 W Granada blvd

ormond beach, fl 32174

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